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Cleaning Solutions that Simply Work

  • Why Tea Tree Oil?
    The cleaning industry comprises a giant market with a myriad of products claiming to solve every cleaning challenge. A focused slice of that market concentrates on products to remove odors and stains – particularly urine odors and stains, along with other organic contaminants. Recently, materials that are based upon enzymes or biologically engineered bacteria technologies have flooded the market. And they keep coming because people are still looking for consistent and sustainable answers to the problem! There is only one tea tree oil-based product that truly solves the issues: GVX Pro. Tea Tree Oil… Is imported from – and sustainably harvested in – Australia. Only the highest quality pharmaceutical-grade is used in GVX When used in combination with the patented formulation of GVX Pro, eliminates all organic odors and stains, including urine, vomit, feces, blood and other bodily fluids Has unique characteristics, which in combination with GVX’s proprietary formulation, completely and permanently removes all uric acid crystals from treated areas Is recognized and classified by the FDA as a natural biocidal agent – sanitizer, fungicide and virucide At 2% concentration has been shown to kill MRSA (methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus). GVX contains approximately 1% concentration tea tree oil. Leaves no sticky residue like enzymes: simply spray the area to be treated, agitate it into the contaminated surface – then vacuum once the area is dry Enzyme cleaners can never be the answer: Enzymes are engineered to feed off waste produced by the bacteria surrounding uric acid Once the fuel source for the enzyme is gone (the bacteria’s waste), they’re designed to die off Enzymes cannot effectively remove residual uric acid crystals Because enzymes cannot remove uric acid crystals, changes in temperature and humidity create new bacterial growth around the uric acid crystals and thus spawn new odors Enzyme cleaners leave a sticky residue; their physical/chemical characteristics require thorough and dramatic rinsing to prevent the “cleaned” spot from attracting new soil
  • What are the ingredients?
    GVX Contains: Water Sequestrant (Sodium citrate) Detergent/Surfactant (Sodium lauryl sulphate) Essential Oil-Australian Tea Tree Oil (Melaleuca alternifolia) Preservative (Dimethoxane) Proprietary Odor Absorber The product will be sold as a non-aerosol spot removing product. Under this use, the product will be below the 15% w/w Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) standard for California. This standard was adopted on 31 December 2010. The product does not contain any of the prohibited chemicals (methylene chloride, perchloroethylene, or trichloroethylene) listed in the California “Regulation for reducing emissions from consumer products” (see
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