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How to Use GVX Products

Cleaning Solutions that Work!

GVX Clean

GVX Cleaning Solutions are simple to use and effective.  Apply GVX Products with a hand-held sprayer, pump-up sprayer, or via an auto-spray delivery system.  Agitate the GVX Product into the carpet using a brush, and simply blot to remove the stain.  Pet odor, urine, carpet, textiles, hard surface flooring, counter-tops, and much more are no problem for GVX Cleaning Solutions!

GVX Pet & Odor

GVX Pet & Odor dual action cleaner utilizes pharmaceutical-grade Australian Tea Tree Oil for its cleaning efficacy. GVX is safe for pets and highly effective at removing pet odors and urine. Tea tree oil for many years has been recognized as a biocidal agent and is listed by the United States’ FDA as a natural bacteriostatic material. Most urine and pet odor cleaners are engineered bacteria which only work on bacteria. GVX Pet & Odor dual action cleaner removes both the odor causing bacteria and the food source (uric acid). No more marking the same spot!

GVX Mop System

Ditch the dirty mop bucket for GVX's Clean and Hold™ technology. A fast, easy, and highly effective system that leaves your floors clean and residue free. Experience the amazing cleaning power of pharmaceutical grade Australian Tea Tree Oil and stabilized hydrogen peroxide. Each system comes with a mop, 10 mop heads, a mope bucket, and 1 gallon of GVX Oxi Pro. 

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