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Why use the GVX Mop System with Oxi Pro?


Ditch the dirty mop bucket for GVX's Clean and Hold™ technology. A fast, easy, and highly effective system that leaves your floors clean and residue free. Experience the amazing cleaning power of pharmaceutical grade Australian Tea Tree Oil and stabilized hydrogen peroxide. Each system comes with a mop, 10 mop heads, a mop bucket, and 1 gallon of GVX Oxi Pro.


  • Add a Gallon of Water and One Cap or 1 oz. of Oxi Pro 
  • Pop on a Clean Mop, and Mop until the Head is Loaded with Soil
  • Remove Soiled Head, Repeat until Clean




  • Save Money - One Cleaner, Reusable Mop Heads
  • Highly Effective on Urine and Odors
  • Great Natural Tea Tree Oil Scent
  • Neutralize Allergens and Micro-Organisms
  • More Sanitary - No Mopping with Dirty Water

Pocket Mop Kit

SKU: 0012
$206.44 Regular Price
$175.47Sale Price
  • Brochure - Mop Kit



    SDS (Safety Data Sheet)

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